Friday, June 24, 2011

Estes Saturn V Specs and Pics

Andrew B. emailed me about my build and asked for some Saturn V finished specs.
Here's my stock build measures up next to the Estes numbers from the box spec card:

Estes finished weight: 11.0 oz. (empty, no engine or wadding)

My build finish weight: 11.53 oz. (empty, no engine or wadding)
My build flying weight: 13.21 (D12-3 engine and eight squares of Estes wadding installed)

My center of gravity (loaded for flight balance point) is 15 1/8" from the rear.

The height of my Saturn V build is the same as the Estes kit spec. at 43.25" tall.

Remember, I added a Monokote trim piece around the service module tube. This shouldn't be much heavier than a coat of silver paint. I probably build heavier and use a little more spray paint than the average builder would.
In the 1974 Centuri Catalog, their Saturn V (close to this reissue) weighed in at 9.2 oz.
In the 1974 Estes Catalog, their Saturn V weighed in at 9.9 oz.
In the same 1974 Estes catalog, the maximum lift-off weight for a D12-3 engine is 14 oz. So my Saturn, weighing in at 11.53 oz., should be fine with a D12-3 engine.
That is - if I ever get the nerve to fly it!

Parting shots:

High end and low end!

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