Monday, June 6, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 60 Service Module Wrap

After laying down the wrap, I noticed a difference from the Centuri instructions:

The Centuri RCS nozzle locations are not the same as marked from the Estes RCS marking guide. This is not a big concern there isn't any location "Xs" printed on the Monokote wrap I made.

The two holes that are covered by the wrap are easily seen through the trim material.
Simply punch the hole to open them up again.

I cut the nozzles from the plastic tree and touched up the black paint.

The nozzle piece rear pin is pressed into the holes. Glue was applied from inside the tube.

I'm happy with the finished look.

Time spent on build: :30
Total time on build so far:


  1. Chris,

    Do you mind attaching or linking to the PDF you used in this post?


  2. Nicholas, here's the answer to your question:
    Go here:
    The PDF wrap is on page 46. If printed as is, it should fit this kit fine.
    Good luck with your build!

  3. I love you noozzles!!!