Sunday, June 12, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 70 'Chute Tie In

Step 21 has you loop the shroud lines over a double knot tied in the shock cord.I had concerns that this loop could loosen.
I upgraded to snap swivels.

It did take a little time to get all the eight shroud lines through the small eye, but I felt much more confident in this connection.

This was repeated on the other 24" main body parachute.

Time spent on build: :30
Total time on build so far: 61:15


  1. I have to admit after 70 posts I will delight in you moving on to other models. You may have also convinced me I do not want to build an Estes SV that badly! :) At 50 bucks I may have to get one but only for some rainy day.

  2. Hi Jeff -
    The end is near!!!!
    Believe me, I'm overdue for a build change myself.
    I would have never gone into that much detail on some parts of the build, but there is a LOT of these kits out there and hopefully I've cleared up a few "gotchas."
    A big change is coming in a few days, hang in there!

  3. Wow, I'm amazed at what I've got ahead of me with this build. I just want to give a big THANK YOU for posting these steps in such detail.

    I've had an interest in the space program for a long time and looked around for a model of the Saturn V to buy, but there's nothing out there that I wanted. So when I saw the Estes kit I bought it so I could build my own.

    However, I've never built a model rocket before so you know how badly this will probably turn out for me. Before I start I've decided to build a bunch of other model rockets to get some experience with certain things, and I've got to say I'm having a LOT more fun than I expected.

    From what little experience I have so far I'm quickly learning how much more I need before starting the Saturn V, but I look forward to the fun I'll have getting it!!!

    Thanks again!

  4. To fb233f44-1a9c-11e1-b90b-000bcdcb471e,
    Your welcome - I hope the blog posts help you in the build.
    The Saturn V is a very rewarding project, but probably not the best choice as a first rocket build! You were smart to build some smaller rockets first to learn the terminology and techniques.
    All the best!