Friday, June 10, 2011

Estes Saturn V Build Part 66 Decals

You are not given any measurements to set the American flag decals in place. It simply says: "Align with white of roll pattern."
I used the T.L.A.R. method (That Looks About Right) to figure out the placement height.
A strip of paper was wrapped around the tube to give the same horizontal alignment to all four flag decals.

Using a ruler, light pencil tick marks were made to help find the center between the white bands.

Here the flag decal is set, aligned between the pencil marks and the lower edge of the paper wrap.

The USA decals are centered in the white areas above the lowest wrap.
Below the "A" there is a pencil center mark.
I double checked the spacing above the "U" and below the "A" to be sure it was centered vertically.

Time spent on build: :15
Total time on build so far: 60:00

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