Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saturn V Build Part 53 Interstage Mask!

You'll have to trust me on this -
Don't try to mask and paint the entire model in one session! When you mask this interstage section you will understand what I mean.
Do it alone with the wife and kids far, far away!

I used a combination of Scotch tape on the straight areas and masking tape strips on the curves.

The first piece was set where I felt there could be a problem with getting a good paint seal. When in doubt, use more tape and piece it together.

As before, I cut a new edge on all the tape. Before setting on the model, the Scotch tape was blackened with a Sharpie so it could be seen against the white undercoat.

This is your most valuable tool to get a good mask.
It's a smooth sharpened dowel. The dowel end is sharpened then rounded off a little with sandpaper.
Use it to press the tape in place while laying it down the first time.
Burnish every edge again right before spraying.

I switched over to masking tape strips for the ullage motors.
The edge was wrapped without the top of the tape touching.
The tape was pinched together over the tapered ends. While pinching the tape closed, I also pushed down to keep the tip of the mask on the base of the tapered end.

Time spent on build: 1:00
Total time on build so far: 51:45

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