Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finding Those Old Kit Instructions and Plans

Most all who build and clone model rockets know of these sites,
There may be a few here you haven't seen:

On The Rocketry Forum, Bradycros was looking for kit instructions on the Estes Website.
Here's a short version of his post:

". . . I clicked on nearly every box on the home page and got; nothing.
Customer Service? Why not try it? Tried everything else.
This what I found in the left hand column: Instructions
WTF. Who'd a thunk it?
I was thunking OOP instructions would be more of a archivel type thing and not a 'customer service' type thing.

Here's the final address that Todd found:

Another source of Estes instructions from the Official Forum of Tripoli Rocketry of Louisiana & South Louisiana Rocketry (SoLaR)

Getting to the Shasta instructions archive requires too much searching.
These are the final destinations you are looking for:

Another favorite resource:

And don't forget Jim Z's:

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