Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saturn Towers

I've built a lot of towers over the years.
For comparison, here's the Saturn towers from various kits.

On the upper left is the BT-20 based Dr. Zooch Saturn V tower. It's really a silhouette tower, made of four sided card stock. Still, very strong and effective at this size.
In the middle is another Dr. Zooch tower make of dowel and wire from the Saturn 1B series of kits.
To the right is the Estes 1/100 scale capsule and tower from the recent, reissued Saturn V kit.

The silver capsule to the left is the Semroc Little Joe II kit. 1/70th scale, it's constructed from dowels.
And finally, the Apogee Saturn V tower. This picture was taken while the model was still under construction.
Both the final two builds are 1/70th scale. Compare the two towers. The Apogee Saturn is closer to the truth in strut diameters!

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